I was born in Reggio Calabria and now I'm based in Berlin.

My interest for images began making videos in the high school, following that path I discovered a genuine attraction for photography during the university years, studying Cinema and Theater at D.A.M.S. (Discipline of Arts, Music and Spectacle) in Cosenza, Italy.

But for various and unknown reasons only many years later, after 2015, that attraction became unconditional love.

Now I considers myself a traveler who's still finding his own direction, I work as a freelance photographer and filmmaker and my main interests are documentary and street photography.

I'm trying to tell stories, in the meanwhile I share some of the steps I've made with you, here.

You can hire me for photo or video assignments using the contact form, I am willing and happy to travel if I have to.



Giuseppe e Anna Palmas Award 2014, best Italian new unit still photographer for the film "Il sud è niente (South is nothing)"